Jessica & Mimi

“Liz was amazing. Even when technology failed us she came well prepared. We were lucky to have found her during the peak of the shutdown. She was so sweet and resourceful. On time and flexible. Thank you.”


Nerry & Kenya

“Liz was great! She was able to assist when I needed it. I thought it would be difficult to find someone to marry us with everything goes on but she made it happen and I am very grateful for that.”

Matthew & Monica

Liz was extraordinarily warm and easy to work with throughout the entire process! From the moment we spoke until after the ceremony she really made me feel like she had my back and thoroughly explained every step! She even helps explain the process of changing your name after the ceremony if that is your wish. Whenever I had a question she would answer within a couple hours or sooner and would even reach out on a regular basis to see if I needed anything at all! We had a very small wedding ceremony with immediate family only before our larger planned wedding because we found out that my dad unfortunately had developed brain cancer. Liz was so understanding and flexible with our situation and really made the entire event fun and upbeat! If you are looking for an officiant for a wedding big or small I highly recommend Liz!


Kelvin & Phoebe 

Liz was excellent..She was on time, and helped us with every step of the way during our daughter’s wedding.. she was a great mediator between the venue manager and us.. She did everything perfect.. she was smooth, calmed and helped us to do the same.. during the ceremony part she took charge, and was confident and very professional.. walking them through the process.. they were very happy Liz is a great communicator.